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Jensine as a Clan.

Jensine - now

img1Organisationally the club functions efficiently. The strength of the Ships Clan lies in their solidarity and that so many people with different backgrounds have a common interest in Jensine. The wide technical range of knowledge both in a theoretical and practical character, ensures that any decisions made are thoroughly considered with qualified foundations and that the work will be carried out in accordance with this.

Voluntary Work Force

As the members are spread across the country, we plan the work of maintaining and preparing to sail by arranging working weekends.
The un-rigging is in the beginning of October and when Jensine re-rigs in the month of May, everything is assembled again like a huge jigsaw puzzle.


Membership required

The sailing season covers the period from Whitsun to the beginning of October. We sail 10 voyages of a week´s duration during the summer period, each with a crew of 12 members, who all pay for the privilege. In addition to the summer periods there are weekend voyages. The money earned through membership fees and voyage charges covers the daily expenses of the ship.
Due to the size of Jensine it is mandatory that a qualified ship´s master is in charge.
The membership constituency includes about 10 ship´s masters, who take turns to have command on board and steer the ship safely to harbour.

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