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Dagssejlads (Torbjørn)

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Aftensejlads (Esben)

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Forårsweekend (Esben)

29. juni 2024 - 6. juli 2024:

Uge 27 (Vibe/Poul)

6. juli 2024 - 13. juli 2024:

Uge 28 (Torbjørn)


Jensine of Haderslev - the oldest ship in Denmark

Welcome to the homepage of Jensine, the oldest ship in Denmark.

Most of the content on the site is in danish, but you will find a small selection of english articles using the menu above.


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  • Jensine ex "The seven sisters" - is Denmark's oldest sailing ship, built in 1852 by J.W.Riis in Aalborg, but with south Funen design ("The Frigate Jutland" is 8 years younger). A cutter of 14.5 load or 32 gross tons. "Jensine´s" first authentic measurement documentation is issued in Aalborg the 25th April 1853, with corrections the 2nd May and we can follow her through, amongst other things, the Registration of Danish Commercial Vessels, which has existed since 1864. This register states that the ship was built in 1852.

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