"Jensine of Haderslev"

anno 1852

Jensine, Fyn Rundt 2007Old wooden ships are always of great interest in the harbours.
They are beautiful to look at and appeal to the fantasies and dreams of distant countries.
The maritime country of Denmark does not do very much to support the preservation of the old sailing vessels.
They survive thanks only to private initiative, despite documentation covering the ships development from wooden hull and sail to steel and machines.

The cutter Jensine of Haderslev is one of these old ships, which have been rescued from the scrap heap because a group of Scouts saw her and bought her. Today the ship sails every summer in the Danish fairways, and apart from being a sailing museum object it is also a good training place in seamanship.

Jensine, Denmark´s oldest sailing ship can tell it´s own history by being restored as originally built.
The work to restore Jensine to it´s original style has been possible with close co-operation with the Trade and Shipping Museum in Kronborg.
In 1990 The Danish Ships Preservation Trust was established. Jensine has been nominated as being a ship especially worthy of restoration.

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